Michael Troughton (18:35 on Sep 11, 2016 , last updated at: 18:27 on Sep 19, 2016)
Michael Troughton is an Actor, Writer, Director and Teacher who starred in several late 80's and 90's comedy-drama's, and also appeared in the 2014 Dr Who Christmas Special "Last Christmas" as Professor Albert. He is the author of "Patrick Troughton: The Biography Of The Second Doctor Who", who was his father, and we are thrilled to have him join us.
Wesley Chu (12:35 on Jun 11, 2016 , last updated at: 12:42 on Jun 11, 2016)
Wesley Chu is an award-winning science fiction author, as well as an accomplished martial artist, has acted in film, television and has worked as a model and a stuntman. He has published seven books, winning the 2015 John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award, and his debut novel, The Lives of Tao, earned the Alex Award and was selected by Goodreads as a Science FIction Choice Award Finalist. Chu's Time Salvager has been optioned by Paramount with Michael Bay attached as director.
Traci Harding (16:11 on Mar 24, 2016 , last updated at: 12:43 on Jun 11, 2016)
Traci Harding is an Australian novelist. Her work blends fantasy, fact, esoteric belief, time travel and quantum physics, into adventurous romps through history, ulternative dimensions, universes and states of consciousness. She has released five trilogies including The Ancient Future and The Celestial triad, and three stand alone novels, with her 20th book due for release in 2017.
Douglas Adams (In Memoriam) (16:11 on Mar 24, 2016 , last updated at: 16:12 on Mar 26, 2016)
The late, great Douglas Adams was the creator of all the various manifestations of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, of which the novel went straight to Number One in the UK Bestseller List and in 1984 he became the youngest author to be awarded a Golden Pan. A seminal, influential and unique creative genius, Douglas effortlessly blended the ridiculous with the infinitely impossible and topped it off with a side-dish of wry commentary and brilliant insight. He was an inspiration to generations of readers, comedians and authors and on this, the 42nd Swancon, we believe that it's important that we honour his contributions to our consciousness.
Davina Watson (16:11 on Mar 24, 2016 , last updated at: 12:40 on Jun 11, 2016)
Davina Watson is a well known and loved member of Perth fandom, who in 2008 was a member of the Swancon “Contact” Committee which holds the record for the most family generations on a single committeee. She loves Fantasy and Crime and has been recognised over the years with The Marg Hughes (Mumfan) Award. She's always a friendly face willing to chat with anybody and we're excited this year to recognize her many years of selfless dedication and contribution as our Fan Guest of Honour.